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Institutional support for the strengthening of the Rimisp Office for Mexico and Central America

Apoyo institucional para el fortalecimiento de la Oficina de Rimisp para México y Centroamérica

3 countries

México Guatemala El Salvador

The institutional support provided by the Ford Foundation aims to strengthen the capacities of the Mexico and Central America Office to implement the Strategic Plan of Rimisp for 2016-2021 and to deploy the thematic agenda of research and incidence on public policies at the subregion level. This implies the expansion of the technical team and partner networks, as well as the consolidation and positioning of Rimisp as a relevant actor for the analysis of rural transformations and territorial inequality in Latin America.
In Mexico, the actions focus on the development of a rural agenda through a dialogue group with high level experts, aimed at generating public policy proposals; as well as the construction, together with key allies of the Mexican territories, of an Agenda of Biocultural Diversity and Territories.
In Central America, Ford’s support allows the expansion of the research and inicidence agenda on rural-urban links in Mexico, Colombia and Chile (which is already advanced), with partners in Guatemala and El Salvador, and seeks to generate knowledge on the promotion of growth economic inclusion in the rural-urban territories of Latin America.