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Puebla 2016// Interventions for overcoming poverty: the case of Colombia (2010-2014)




This document presents the main interventions and programmes of Prosperidad Social (Social Prosperity) in Colombia, aimed at overcoming poverty, using income and multidimensional measures on the part of the poorest and most vulnerable populations, and also the achievements and major challenges that this entity faces as an institution. To such effect, the present document starts with a brief description of the institution and of the governmental Social Inclusion and Reconciliation sector, in order to subsequently carry out a diagnosis of the poverty situation in the country, focusing on territorial differences that occur in Colombia, followed by the description of the institution’s main programmes and how these have helped to reduce poverty rates in the country, generating capabilities and skills to beneficiaries. Finally, this document depicts the challenges and commitments being made by the sector, to promote a minimum level of wellbeing for all citizens.

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