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About the project

What is INCATA?

INCATA is an innovative project designed to study the relationship between cSPP and MSME in the hidden middle of agrifood value chains, to explain how it underpins and contributes to an inclusive agricultural transformation.

INCATA will answer four questions:

  1. What kickstarts the dynamic of commercialization of SSP and engagement with MSME in the hidden middle? How do some SSP become commercial, how do MSME get started, and how these two actors co-develop and nurture each other?
  2. Which, how and why some cSSP and some MSME move along in the transformation process, while others don’t?
  3. To what degree increasing commercialization and development of MSME translate into poverty reduction and women’s economic empowerment? Who is included, and who doesn’t or gets stuck at low levels of inclusion? How does inclusion accelerate the transformation?
  4. What investments and policies have the potential to accelerate the symbiotic co-development of cSSP and MSME and the inclusion effects of that dynamic?


Our main objectives are as follows:

  1. Enhance Public Policies: Enable supportive public policies for commercial small-scale producers (cSSPs) and agrifood micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).
  2. Boost Investment Impact: Increase the impact of public and private investments in improved products, services, and practices for cSSPs and agrifood MSMEs.
  3. Improve Data and Evidence: Enhance the quality, availability, and utility of data and evidence by filling global and national gaps regarding the role of commercial SSPs and MSMEs in driving inclusive agricultural transformation.

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