Puebla 2016// Food systems at the rural-urban interface

Promoting better market access and market performance for smallholder agricultural producers and the provision of access to better quality and lower price food for the majority of the world’s population requires the strengthening of rural-urban linkages and putting ‘place-based development’ at the centre of policy and investment in food systems.

Puebla 2016// The Trend of Regional Income Disparity in China

This paper is devoted to comprehensively analyze regional income disparities in China from 1978 to 2014. Since China began its reform and opening up, inter-provincial disparities have experienced a process of narrowing first and then expanding.

Puebla 2016// Interventions for overcoming poverty: the case of Colombia (2010-2014)

This document presents the main interventions and programmes of Prosperidad Social (Social Prosperity) in Colombia, aimed at overcoming poverty, using income and multidimensional measures on the part of the poorest and most vulnerable populations, and also the achievements and major challenges that this entity faces as an institution.