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    Rural youth and migration in Ecuador, Mexico and Peru

    This paper uses use data on the most recent population Censuses to analyse internal migration flows of rural youth in Ecuador, Mexico and Peru, focusing on two questions. First, are rural youth more likely to migrate than the adult population? Second, what are the characteristics of the main poles of expulsion and attraction of young migrants?

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    Local poverty reduction in Chile and Mexico: The role of food manufacturing growth

    This paper analyses the relationship between local poverty and food manufacture growth in Chile and Mexico using propensity score matching, differences in differences and spatial econometrics methods. We focus on food manufacture as a sector with a number of characteristics that make it potentially pro-poor, and whose incentives for spatial distribution may either strengthen or dampen its poverty reduction potential. The overall results indicate that i) geographically, food manufacture locates in relatively poor areas, but not in the poorest; ii) food manufacture tends to locate in municipalities with more availability of labor and raw materials and with better infrastructure; iii) controlling for other factors, food manufacture growth contributes to local poverty reduction both in terms of magnitude and speed.

    An updated version of this paper is available at:

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