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Sociocultural and territorial characterization study of Ramal Talca Constitución and its integral cultural heritage

Estudio de caracteriación sociocultural y territorial de Ramal Talca-Constitución y su patrimonio cultural integral

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The development of the study is part of a process to enhance and safeguard the integral cultural system of the Talca Constitución Branch, which began in 2017 with the nomination by the former National Council of Culture and the Arts to the Monuments Watch program and the consequent support of the World Monuments Fund with the aim of protecting its history, preserving its memory and strengthening its social ties. In line with this objective and continuing the work of its legal predecessor, the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the National Cultural Heritage Service is committed to developing a work plan for the promotion and protection of this cultural system, which considers the development of a updated diagnosis and participatory investigations of local memory and promotion of intangible heritage for its visualization and assessment.

In this context, we propose the development of a study that, based on an approach that integrates the concepts of Cultural Landscape and Cultural Itinerary with the theoretical framework of Valorization of Biocultural Heritage, responds to the double objective of i) raising information to assess the state of art of the cultural system of the Talca Constitución Branch, and ii) propose a participatory action plan, oriented towards the enhancement, safeguarding and protection of the integral cultural heritage of the good.”