Dinámicas Territoriales Rurales


This program is funded by:

The International Development Research Center (IDRC, Canada). Research related to social and economic equity is the largest focus ofIDRC‘s support in the region. Because many of the region’s problems have concrete manifestations in urban settings where most of the population lives, urban issues are also a priority, using community-based approaches linked to policy frameworks.

The New Zealand’s International Aid and Development Agency (NZAID, New Zealand). The agency is responsible for delivering New Zealand’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) and for advising Ministers on development assistance policy and operations. Its regional programmes focus on themes such as education, health, governance and economic growth. In Latin America, NZAID began operations in 2004. The overall goal is to contribute to eliminating poverty, promoting good governance and fostering sustainable rural livelihoods. There is a particular focus on addressing poverty in rural areas and among indigenous peoples.