Programa Transformando Territorios

International Conference Puebla – México

Increasing inequality is a growing global concern. The International Conference on Territorial Inequality and Development, which happened in Puebla, Mexico, from 25 to 27 January 2016 and hosted by Rimisp – Latin American Center for Rural Development, responds to this rising policy interest in the territorial dimensions of inequality. The Conference will bring together a diversity of invited people and of global experiences to address the importance and evolution of territorial inequality across the world.

Specifically, it reviewed the trends, patterns and drivers of territorial inequality. It also examined the territorial consequences of these drivers on poverty, growth, and the environment. Actions and interventions that reduce inequality created by these drivers, including how and where territorial policies and interventions from different regions in the world have been effective to date, was shared and discussed.

The official language of the Conference was English.

You can visit the website of the Conference here: